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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blue and White Doily Free Crochet Pattern

I  have found that making little doilies are a great way to get my fingers nimble enough to work on a more intricate pattern such as a dress for Barbie(TM)

Blue and White Doily

J.P. Coats Crochet Thread #30 Or
Boye 8 Mercerized Cotton 8/4
Steel Crochet Hook No. 10 or 11

(always join with a sl st at the beg of each rnd) 

ch5 join to form a ring

1: ch4, 3tr togeth. in ring * ch4, 4tr togeth. in ring*rep*=6 leafs
2:* 7dc in space, ch1 *rep*
3:*2dc in first dc, 1dc in nxt, 2dc in nxt, 1tr in nxt, 2dc in nxt, 1dc 
in nxt, 2dc in nxt,1sc in nxt space *rep* fast off
4:Attach with blue around sec row in space with 1 long-sc stitch, *ch4, 
skip nxt 2 st , 1sc in nxt*rep =3 loops*,ch4, 1 long-sc around sec row *rep around*

Next flowermotif, join with first motif: *1ch, 1sc in first motifs 
space, 1ch, 1sc back in sec motif space *rep one more time * Join other motifs the same 
way, always in the two spaces in the middle of each leafe.

Edge: *1sc in space, ch5, 1sc in 4th from hook,1ch, 1sc in nxt space 
*rep*(=11 loops on each flower, and one loop between flowers) Fast 

Have fun

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