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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The work on my new venture progresses.

Today, I found a great tool that will help with tracking the progress of my online sales.

It is a spreadsheet that can filled out on a monthly basis.  The link can be found HERE

The blog owner said this about her spreadsheet:
I created an excel spreadsheet earlier this year and I fill it out at the end of each month. Why? Because I was feeling discouraged. I felt my business wasn’t growing fast enough, that I wasn’t making enough progress. 
Do you know what I found out? My blog readership doubles about every 5 months. My Esty income doubles every month and my and my social media accounts grow slow but sure. I call it my growth report card and I’m always pleased to see the numbers grow each time I fill it out. It’s slow growth but it’s there, and the spreadsheet doesn’t lie. I’ll include a copy for you. It’s an excel spreadsheet so feel free to change it around and include other areas in which you want to measure your business growth.
I have included the link to her spreadsheet above.

At this stage of opening your new business, have you:
  • Decided what to sell?
  • Decided where to sell?
  • Counted the cost of setting up your business?
  • Thought about a website and/or actually purchased a domain?
  • Set up an Etsy store?
  • Ordered business cards?
  • Started your business plan?
  • Started your marketing plan?
Now may be a good time to review your progress.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Everything is in the Way.

Is seems like everything is on hold, these days, but not really.  I am looking for a place to move and I will be very happy when that finally happens.  A potential house-for-rent opportunity that may just fill the bill has arisen, if I can convince the landlord that I am the RIGHT person for the house.

So, the business plan is on hold, somewhat.  The marketing plan, the creation of products, self-promotion. Seems like everything is on hold.  I had a convention weekend before last.  This past weekend was spent house-hunting.  I have a unrealistically busy week this week and I cannot even find time to make it to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions.  Maybe tomorrow.

Job is moving to a new location, I am moving to a new location.  Maybe it is time to slow down a little and not try to do everything in one day.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crochet Attic: Crochet Apache Tears: Free Pattern

Crochet Attic: Crochet Apache Tears: Free Pattern

Love this!

The "Spa Collection"

Another step has been accomplished with my Craft Business Empire.

This is a photo of my bath collection which consists of a washcloth, two face scrubbies and one bath puff, all hand crocheted with Paton's Grace 100% mercerized cotton yarn--color Spearmint.  I love the feel of this yarn because is so soft when it is worked up and not clunky and scratchy like some cottom yarns can be. 

The blues and greens flow together so nicely and the stitch I used created a very lovely "shell" pattern with goes the with blue and green "beach" feeling to these items.

I will be offering each item at my Etsy Store as a gift item--including a nice box, tied up with twine and a small bar of Olive Oil Soap.

Each piece and also be purchased individually or in a "Build Your Own" Collection of bath items.   Want just the bath puff and the face scrubbies?  No problem. 

Right now, I am waiting for the 6x6x6 boxes I ordered to be delivered and the soap.  Because I live on Chespeake Bay, I considered including a sea shell as a special surprise gift when someone orders the gift box.  But, if I confirm the presence of a sea shell, that will give away the surprise.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have a home

The next part of my  marketing plan has been accomplished:  I bought a domain.  I now reside at Right now, the only thing there is a notification that the website is under construction.

$$$ TIP:  Be sure to include the cost of the domain and the hosting in your expenses.  If you purchase any software, such as a shopping cart application, be sure to include that cost, too.

I also ordered business cards and business card labels from Vistaprint that look remarkably like the picture on the right.  The image is a photo I took of Chesapeake Bay with the Chesapeake Baby Bridge Tunnel in the distance.  This is at the eastern-most edge of the bay and I took the photo from a point on the Eastern Shore.

The labels look just like the business card.  

The key to a successful start-up, is to do something to further your business every day.  Make sure you take a step forward every day.  In addition to designing and ordering business and buying the domain, I crocheted a bath set for my "Spa Collection."  It consists of a bath puff, a wash cloth and two face scrubbies.  I intend to package them in a white box that is about 6"x6"x6" and tied up with blue twine.  All I need to get is some tissue paper to wrap the items in and some pretty little hostess soaps, maybe in the shape of a sea shell... or I may even go shell collecting so I can place a few sea shells in the box. 

The idea is to make it cute and sell-able!