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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Getting My Head out of the Working World and into My Business

The first step to this new venture was to get rid of my "9-5" attitude.  I had to shake off the boring remnants of my previous employment.  I took a two week "Stay-cation" and spent some time getting my house in order, weeding my front yard, getting my veggie garden moving in a good direction and planting some flowers.  
Seems mindless, yeah?  Maybe on the surface, but it was also very therapeutic.  My frenetic life is over and I am learning to slow down my pace and live.  Each day, I look forward to waking up instead of dreading the prospect of having to go to work at a place I really didn't enjoy. 
Without getting all hippy on you, I will admit that I not only stopped to smell the roses, I took time to contemplate the perfection of each blossom and the miracle that made them in the first place.  My advice to you is simple: If you can't quit your job, at least take some time each week to unplug from your frenzied routine. 
I am reminded of the movie, The Last Samurai, when the man who owned the house and the village where Tom Cruise was held captive told him, as Tom was trying to learn the way Samurai fight, "Too many mind.  Mind of people watching, mind of warrior, mind of weapon.  Too many mind,"  Tom realized that Nobu was telling him that he was overthinking the situation.  
So, to myself I say, "Too many mind."

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