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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nice Hat

My daughter-in-law likes to tell a story that involves one of her friends who got very aggravated with another driver over some infraction, real or imagined.  The two met at the next red traffic light and the other driver flung out some unkind words to my daughter-in-law's friend.  Expecting the friend to respond in kind, my daughter-in-law was surprised when her friend yelled out of the window to the other driver, "NICE HAT!"

Perhaps everyone could take a lesson from that event and yell, "NICE HAT!" to the next person who aggravates us.

The purpose of that story is to show off a cutsey crochet creation that I have titled, "Nice Hat."

I crocheted the Nice Hat right before the snow storm and was very happy to wear it to work today.  It doesn't keep my ears warm, though.

I used a pattern found in the December 2013 issue of Crochet World magazine on page 50.  I used Paton's Canadiana Yarn in Medium Gray Mix for the hat and Black for the band.  The beads are 6 x 9mm pony beads in clear translucent sparkle.  I had to increase the hook size to a "J" because the "F" hook made a hat only a child could wear.

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