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Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Things Take a Little Longer

It is obvious to anyone who glances casually at this blog that I love to crochet.  I crochet a lot.  My motto could be:

A day without crochet is a day that I spent in bed in a coma

I talk about crochet to people who don't really care, wear items I have crocheted, show off crocheted doll clothes, crochet curtains, rugs, dishcloths, face scrubbies that all get used on a daily basis.

Every time a non-crocheter looks at something I have done, they ask me, "How long does it take you to crochet something?"

Depends.  Really.

If I am making a sweater of something around 8 million stitches or an afghan of about 47 trillion stitches, the time can vary.  So many factors are involved.

  • How motivated am I to complete that particular project?  
  • How many projects do I have going on at the same time?
  • What is the weight of the yarn?
  • Is there a deadline?
For example, I am currently working on an area rug using 3 strands of yarn at a time and a hook that is about the size of a shepherd's crook.  That project will take about two weeks of casual crocheting.  I had to order a larger crochet hook, so I can't even finish the project until the new hook arrives.  No hurry.

A Barbie dress that is created from tiny granny squares will take me forever to complete simply because I hate granny squares.  Couple that with the fact that I am crocheting with thread.  Tiny cob-web size strands of thread and an itty-bitty hook that is barely visible to the naked eye.  These things are bound to slow down the process

Both projects have about the same number of stitches involved.  The Barbie dress will take longer because I continually procrastinate instead of working on the thing.  Other projects get in the way.

My mom asked me to crochet a lap robe for her and I found a pattern that I actually liked.  this was before I realized how much I despise granny squares.  So, her lap robe remains forever unfinished... or at least unfinished for now.  When I showed her the project under construction, she didn't act too enthusiastic about it, anyway.

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