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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Steam-punk Barbie

The term "Steam-punk" or "Gaslight Romance" is a sub-genre of science fiction that features steam as the main source of power, particularly in a post-apocalyptic setting where steam power regains prominence. Steam power can be found in stories by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne but, contemporary story, frequently feature Steam-powered lighter-than-air ships and analog computers.  Steam-punk can also refer to a clothing style inspired by the sub-genre that possess elements of post-apocalyptic films of the mid-20th centry, Victorian-age styles, Art Nouveau design.  The result is a pseudo-Victorian style.

Barbie is not exempt from Steam-Punk styles.

I am working on a design for Barbie that is strictly one-of-a-kind.  Upon completion, I will create patterns to sell.  This is the design thus far:
Note the Top Hat, which is a steam-punk classic, the bustier, lace gloves and stockings, and contemporary boots.
This is a detail of the Hat:
A glimpse of the stockings and boots:
A closer look at her skirt:

The costume is not completed because there are many details yet to be added, plus an exquisite coat.  Keep watching for more SteamPunk Barbie.

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