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Monday, February 20, 2017

Crochet Tips

For those wanting to begin crocheting, having a mentor and someone to work alongside is a great way to learn. Many websites also offer great instruction for new crocheters, in addition to tips for more advanced projects.
There are a variety of stitches used by crocheters, and it is best when starting out to start small. Practice basic stitches first, such as the slip stitch and foundation chain. Once an understanding of basic stitches is had, then begin to work through reading patterns.
Patterns vary in difficulty, as well, so again, be sure to start small and work at your ability and comfort level.
Here are some tips for beginners, from the website, to keep in mind when just starting out.
1. Keep your hands clean
2. Take frequent rest/stretch breaks
3. Keep your crochet necessities in one spot
4. Read through the pattern you plan to use
5. Check your gauge (how the size of your yarn affects your project; is it too small or too large?)
6. Keep your tension consistent
7. Don't be afraid to try a different brand of hook
8. Save a small bit of scrap from your project
9. Stitch markers are your friends
10. Block your work
11. Don't give up. Practice makes perfect!

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