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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Yarn Reflections

Every person who crochets knows the importance of yarn--it is the principle tool of the craft.  Yarn is available in many weights, fibers, colors, thicknesses and textures.  My own yarn stash covers many touchable yarns from kitten soft to harsh as hemp.  It ranges from the tiniest threads to the bulkiest acrylics.

Cotton and polyester are the most commonly spun fibers in the world. Cotton is grown throughout the world, harvested, ginned, and prepared for yarn spinning. Polyester is extruded from polymers derived from natural gas and oil. Synthetic fibers are generally extruded in continuous strands of gel-state materials. These strands are drawn (stretched), annealed (hardened), and cured to obtain properties desirable for later processing.

The most commonly spun animal fiber is wool harvested from sheep. For hand knitting and hobby knitting or crochet, thick wool and acrylic yarns are frequently used.

My yarn... a small view of a large stash
As you can see, my own yarn is varied in color and texture, weights and levels of softness.

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