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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Journal Your Way to Success

Journaling is a method for keeping your thoughts and ideas organized.  I have a large collection of journals.  Most of them are empty.  I carry one with me for when an idea hits me or if I want to jot down an interesting website.  
Nearly all of my business plan was journaled before it was transformed into reality.  
Not only do I write in my journal, I read what I have written as a way to stay focused on the task.  Currently, my task is creating a viable sales site.
As of 2/1/2017, I am still not selling anything.
According to my journal, I need to create Steampunk Barbie Kits to sell with instructions on how to crochet the clothes.  I intend to include stockings, boots, gloves, materials to make a top hat, goggles, gears, ribbons, lace, charms and feathers.  
That is the top of my to-do list for the weekend:  Get a kit together and advertise it for sale

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