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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The "Spa Collection"

Another step has been accomplished with my Craft Business Empire.

This is a photo of my bath collection which consists of a washcloth, two face scrubbies and one bath puff, all hand crocheted with Paton's Grace 100% mercerized cotton yarn--color Spearmint.  I love the feel of this yarn because is so soft when it is worked up and not clunky and scratchy like some cottom yarns can be. 

The blues and greens flow together so nicely and the stitch I used created a very lovely "shell" pattern with goes the with blue and green "beach" feeling to these items.

I will be offering each item at my Etsy Store as a gift item--including a nice box, tied up with twine and a small bar of Olive Oil Soap.

Each piece and also be purchased individually or in a "Build Your Own" Collection of bath items.   Want just the bath puff and the face scrubbies?  No problem. 

Right now, I am waiting for the 6x6x6 boxes I ordered to be delivered and the soap.  Because I live on Chespeake Bay, I considered including a sea shell as a special surprise gift when someone orders the gift box.  But, if I confirm the presence of a sea shell, that will give away the surprise.  

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