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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I have a home

The next part of my  marketing plan has been accomplished:  I bought a domain.  I now reside at Right now, the only thing there is a notification that the website is under construction.

$$$ TIP:  Be sure to include the cost of the domain and the hosting in your expenses.  If you purchase any software, such as a shopping cart application, be sure to include that cost, too.

I also ordered business cards and business card labels from Vistaprint that look remarkably like the picture on the right.  The image is a photo I took of Chesapeake Bay with the Chesapeake Baby Bridge Tunnel in the distance.  This is at the eastern-most edge of the bay and I took the photo from a point on the Eastern Shore.

The labels look just like the business card.  

The key to a successful start-up, is to do something to further your business every day.  Make sure you take a step forward every day.  In addition to designing and ordering business and buying the domain, I crocheted a bath set for my "Spa Collection."  It consists of a bath puff, a wash cloth and two face scrubbies.  I intend to package them in a white box that is about 6"x6"x6" and tied up with blue twine.  All I need to get is some tissue paper to wrap the items in and some pretty little hostess soaps, maybe in the shape of a sea shell... or I may even go shell collecting so I can place a few sea shells in the box. 

The idea is to make it cute and sell-able!

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