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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The work on my new venture progresses.

Today, I found a great tool that will help with tracking the progress of my online sales.

It is a spreadsheet that can filled out on a monthly basis.  The link can be found HERE

The blog owner said this about her spreadsheet:
I created an excel spreadsheet earlier this year and I fill it out at the end of each month. Why? Because I was feeling discouraged. I felt my business wasn’t growing fast enough, that I wasn’t making enough progress. 
Do you know what I found out? My blog readership doubles about every 5 months. My Esty income doubles every month and my and my social media accounts grow slow but sure. I call it my growth report card and I’m always pleased to see the numbers grow each time I fill it out. It’s slow growth but it’s there, and the spreadsheet doesn’t lie. I’ll include a copy for you. It’s an excel spreadsheet so feel free to change it around and include other areas in which you want to measure your business growth.
I have included the link to her spreadsheet above.

At this stage of opening your new business, have you:
  • Decided what to sell?
  • Decided where to sell?
  • Counted the cost of setting up your business?
  • Thought about a website and/or actually purchased a domain?
  • Set up an Etsy store?
  • Ordered business cards?
  • Started your business plan?
  • Started your marketing plan?
Now may be a good time to review your progress.

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