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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Marketing Plan: Step Two

I figured out WHO to sell to, so now I need to figure out WHERE to sell my craft items.

An internet search points strongly to Etsy as the ideal place to sell hand-made crafts.  Also, eBay, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  Artsy Shark has an article titled, 125+  Places Artists can Sell Online. Not every site will apply to your craft, so look them over to decide which ones will work the best for you.

Most definitely, the best place to sell items online is through your own website. You won't have to pay a middle man for the space you use, although the site will cost money to set up and maintain.  It is always best to buy a website that matches the name of your company because that is where most people will search for you.

 If you choose a free hosting site, you will be plastered with tons of advertising that the host chooses and makes your site look less than professional.  Running a business through or makes you look unprofessional and in turn, may discourage others from buying from you.

Many people are afraid of credit card theft online, so offering the option to pay with Paypal on your site is best.

$$$ Tip:  Remember to track all of your website expenses from hosting, registering the domain name, SEO charges, advertising, cost of building the website, pay-per-click campaigns and any other costs associated with your website.  You can deduct these expenses on your taxes. 

If you are getting a sense that an online business is not going to happen overnight, you are correct. It will only happen with a lot of work and planning.  To be successful, you will have to plan, organize, offer great products, a great product presentation, great customer service, and fast and friendly service.

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