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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back On the Band Wagon

The move to my new house is finished.  Of course, there are the usual things left to do, such as buying that new sofa, an entryway table, a comfortable chair for the family room.

But, for the moment, I have to wrap my head around this crochet business, again.
How to keep your business plan lean and efficient
So, to get me started, I have a series of questions to ask myself.

How much do I want to earn this month:  $50
How much do I want to earn every month (Or my goal):  $500
How will that be done?:  That is the question that must be answered.  Creating this blog, of course.  

  • Listing items for sale on eBay, 
  • Etsy, 
  • Facebook page, 
  • Driving more traffic to my blog and website, 
  • Setting up the website.

How to drive traffic to my blog, THIS BLOG, is the next big question.  I am one blog in a sea of bloggers.

A part of this business, any business, is the BUSINESS PLAN.  I have started my plan, but put it on hold because of the job move and the dwelling move.  To review my plan, go to Make a Business Plan, Still in the Planning Stages, Marketing Plan: Step Two, I Have a Home, and Progress. I will be doing that over the next two or three days, just as a personal refresher.

Happy Crocheting!


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