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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still in the Planning Stages


Yesterday, I began working on my business plan. It is not nearly finished; just an outline at the moment.  But, creating the outline forced me to think about which direction I am going with my business.

There is still a lot to do to get the business up and running.  I wish I could say this happens quickly, but it doesn't.  That doesn't mean that I am not posting items to sell already because I am.  My Etsy store is open and ready.  

This morning, I up-dated the "about" page and created store "Sections" to make it easier to find items in my store.  

A little research yesterday revealed what is selling on Etsy and accessories for the discerning young woman seems to be the current hot items.  Also, the most successful Etsy sellers have hundreds of items for sale.  These shops weren't created in a day, so I am now learning the art of patience.  I will continually add and update my shop.

Yesterday, I created a business card, using VistaPrint.  I wanted to upload a picture that I took myself of the Chesapeake Bay, so I had to purchase premium business cards, but they are still well worth the price.

$$$ Tip:  Make sure to track EVERY penny you spend on everything.--craft supplies, business cards, a car door decal, website expenses, tissue paper for wrapping the items for shipping.  You'll thank yourself at tax time. 

An easy way to keep track of expenditures relating to your business is to create a spreadsheet on the internet at a site such as Google. All of my files are on Google Drive so I can access them from my PC, my phone or my work computer during my lunch break.  I don't have to worry about sending a file to myself and wondering if the version I am looking at is the current version.

Write down expenditures as they happen.  Don't put it off or you may forget something.  I keep notes on my phone.  Carry a notebook with you if you don't have a Smart Phone.   The most important thing is to not delay.

$$$ Tip.  Get into the habit of keeping all your receipts, even if it is not related to your business

By keeping every receipt, you can double-check to make certain you have recorded every business expense.

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