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Monday, June 24, 2013

Barbie's Elegant Gown: Step One Complete

It didn't take as long as I thought to complete the ruffled skirt for the lavender ensemble.  So far, everything is going according to plan... or pattern as it were.  The partly completed skirt can be seen here.

The skirt actually fits!  I followed the pattern precisely and this is the result.  As you can see from the previous blog entry, the skirt was first crocheted and then the ruffles were added on top of the basic design.

I made a modification in the actual construction of the lacy ruffles, but the design did not suffer for it.

Most of the materials I ordered for this project have arrived and just their cost alone, was $64.00.  I was thinking as I was adding the cost of all the pieces up, that I could make a dress for myself for less money.

Another FACTOR I had not bargained for is I don't know if I will want to sell the ensemble once it is completed. I had a brother who created beautiful cat sculptures from chunks of rock--Jade, obsidian, marble--and he always priced them high enough that if they sold, the pain of separation would be far less.  I make have to keep that philosophy in mind when I put the ensemble up for sale.

In the mean time, I will simply enjoy the creative process.

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