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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Step By Step

It is official. I have decided to start a crafting business online.

To begin, I wrote down what I love to do the most and two things topped the list: Crochet and write, in no particular order.

Then, to put these talents to work, a plan was needed. (I am great at creating plans. I can practically paper my apartment in lists) Of course, I have to open a craft store on Etsy, start a Facebook page, open a store on Ravelry, Pinterest, and eBay. Writing How-to articles will help. Publishing original crochet patterns and/or selling them is a real start.

With any new business, a person will only get out of what they put in to it.

This blog will chronicle every step of the process and hopefully, encourage others to follow the same steps to  an online business and financial success.

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