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Friday, June 14, 2013


Keeping your online craft store organized is very important.  A craft store can get disorganized very quickly if forethought and planning does not come into play.

The easiest method for organizing your store is to decide what you are planning to sell and then organize those items into categories.  No special equipment is required--just a piece of paper or an Excel Spreadsheet.

My store will include:

  • Face scrubbies
  • Bath puff
  • Wash Clothes
  • Ruffled Scarves
  • Crocheted Scarves
  • Doll clothes
  • Burgundy purse (already made)
  • Turquoise purse (already made)
  • Blue purse with vintage handles (already made)
  • Variegated Pink/Brow/White purse (already made)
  • Vintage Potholder--appliqued (already made)
  • Vintage Potholder--blue flower (already made)
  • Victorian Potholder
  • Victorian dish clothes

The categories for these items will be:

Spa Collection to include:
     Face Scrubbie
     Wash cloth
     Bath puff
Wearable Art
    Ruffled Scarf
    Crochet Scarf
Barbie Clothes
    1880s Ball Gown
Handbags and totes
Kitchen Collection
     Pot holders
     Dish cloths

While it is not possible to organize by groups or categories on eBay, Etsy does allow for this feature.  If  using eBay, each item can be listed under one of eBay's categories at the time the item is posted and each item can be posted in a different category.  If the item is listed in more than one category, there is an extra charge.  The idea is to keep the overhead costs as low as possible.  Spending extra money to list the item in multiple categories or to "bold" the listing is normally not necessary. 

Etsy allows items to be listed under different shop sections, which makes it easier for people to search the items listed.  There is a charge each month:: $0.20 for a basic listing.  

$$$ Tip:  Make certain to keep track of all charges and fees.  These fees are tax deductible. 

By categorizing each item, this enables customers to find what they are looking for more quickly.  If someone is looking for potholders, they don't want to sift through picture after picture of purses. 

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