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Monday, June 17, 2013

Two Dresses for Barbie

This past weekend was spent working at my regular job.  I did have time to work on an intricate crocheted dress that will fit Barbie. I love Barbies and have been a collector for years.  Making crocheted clothes for them is a new adventure for me.  Once I have a couple under my belt, I intend to design my own Victorian clothing for the dolls.

Out of necessity, there may be a couple of changes to each pattern, but it should be very similar when it is completed.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress of the dress.  Right now, I have just started the white under-skirt.  It is a couple of days from completion.

I also began another project which begins with stringing some 377 beads on the crochet thread... and that is just for the skirt.

The finished product of dress #2 will be different from the dress depicted in that I didn't have enough red beads for the project.  So, I strung red, yellow, orange and white beads on the thread so that I can begin the skirt.  I will start that one as soon as the white under skirt of dress #1 is completed.  I have plans to use my red ribbon and also my red and white satin roses.  I may purchase some yellow and orange roses for the project.  I have a couple of parasol forms, so I will have to wing it to make my parasol.

The only danger in working on two projects at one time is that it is all too easy to get bored with one or the other.  I have found that taking too long on a project makes me loose interest.  However, the items are small enough that they work up pretty quickly.

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